your values are fundamental

values are the compass to our lives

Learning about your values is fundamental in self-development. The way I see it, we can navigate through life easier if we understand ourselves at the core. We can make decisions with ease knowing that they will reflect our values and morals. It’s important to be able to define your values or at the least confirm that you still hold the values you’re committed to.

What are your values?

There are magnitudes of values you can define yourself with. For example;

appreciation, family, honesty, determination, wealth, independence, equality, justice, ethics, health, inner harmony, adventure, fame, generosity, spirituality, culture, tradition, or power to name a few.

Your values are the backbone of your behaviour & choices in daily life

If you have time, check out to discover yours. It will also allow you to see which value is more important for you out of what you’ve chosen. They also provide a dope phone wallpaper of your values so we don’t forget them.

It is worth narrowing down to 5 or 6 core values. If you find yourself relating to more than 6, it helps to know what you prioritise so you can add value to your values.

A highly developed values system is like a compass. It serves as a guide to point you in the right direction when you are lost.
-Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of your Ability

committing to your values

This is important. Once you know them, write them down, commit to them, and you will see a difference in the way your life unfolds.

In saying this, my core values are health, peace, pleasure, trust, job security, and financial stability. I do my best in practicing these values in my everyday life.

It can be easy to recognise the strengths in those values for example; strengths in health as mentioned in the results by Personal Values of the test, people who care about health are often disciplined and systematic, caring for health manifests itself in many elements of their everyday life. However, the danger in extreme cases: excessive interest in your health can cause harmful fears and concerns.

Similarly, if one values pleasure, you can learn cheerfulness from people who value pleasure and joy, because they focus mainly on the positives. They have a lot of distance to themselves and their lives.  But, the danger arises when feelings of pleasure or happiness are sought in stimulants or addictions.

There will always be a boundary you might cross if you put too much value in your values. You want to try your best to commit to them but, it is okay if life throws those curveballs and suddenly you’re in conflict with your value. Reaffirm your commitment to that value and observe if it’s still right for you.

What happens when you’re in conflict with your values

Once you have committed to your values, going against them can make you feel lost or disorientated too even if it was not your intention. Sometimes it’s something subconsciously we value, and going against it is like the feeling in your gut when somethings not right. It can even alter your perspective of that value and its significance to your life. That is life’s way of testing your values. If, for example, you value trust over wealth, would you be disloyal for money? Life is all about experiences and growth, it doesn’t mean you don’t value trust at all, but maybe you value wealth over trust in a certain situation.

certain values are important in different stages of your life

It is okay to have a difference in values because you learn that you are growing and evolving and some things are more of value to you now than they were before.

Honestly, I don’t hold all the same core values as I did a decade ago. Growing up, I had always understood values and morals related to religion, traditions, and culture. Realizing that those are a few of many values a person can have, I began contemplating if they reflected my life at that time. It seemed as though I was in contradiction to what I thought were my core values. It just didn’t resonate with me anymore even though I still made a lot of decisions based on those values, mainly due to being fearful of change.

It took valuing myself and self-development to let myself lead life through different values that made sense to me at that time of change.

So it is important to really think about what resonates with you to your core being. Since we make our choices based on our values, you want them to be aligned to your purpose and direction.  Be honest about it too, let the words sit with you a while and contemplate what it means to you.This is an important aspect of understanding yourself. You will be thankful you did so. Your values reflect your choices, and your choices affect the outcome. This is true regardless of who you are. As long as your choices are in line with your core values, you won’t be steered wrong.

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You are a being of light and love.

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