rinse & repeat: the power of repetition

repetition, consistency and self-awareness are key to improving your actions

Look around, if you pay attention you’ll see repetition everywhere. From the roads to the waves of the ocean, to the birds singing in the trees, everything from morning till night, it’s all repeated.

Humans have always learned through repetition. If we repeat something for long enough, we become better at it, we master it, and then it gets stored into our subconscious mind because our brain remembers the patterns and is now second nature to us. 

Remember your first step? Probably not but that was likely to be a proud moment for your parents/guardians. You may have fallen down repeatedly, but you stood back up and tried again & again until you mastered it. 

There are many areas of repetition to discuss, focusing on behavior and thought will be ideal for understanding what makes you fundamentally you. 

repetition in behavior

As much as we learn through repetition, we also observe behaviors, especially from a young age. That’s where this might get tough. We have learned so much from a young age, especially from our families, but it might not resonate with the current version of you anymore.

We outgrow patterns in our behavior, this is natural but they’re still ingrained in our minds.  This is the time to unlearn those behaviors we want to change and better ourselves. Once you can identify certain negative repeating behavior, you’re on the right track, but you also have to put the work in. Just remember, and this is something you need to be conscious of, it will take time. From a young age to now could be 10, 20, 30 + years of a repeated pattern that you have to identify, unlearn & relearn. I believe in you, you can make this happen. Stay consistent in your efforts, it will pay off. 

Repeating behaviors can be positive, negative, or somewhere in between. It really depends on your perspective. Some people just move differently in life and that’s all dependent on their repeating behaviors. We repeat because we are complex beings but we can miss some things the first time around.  

Repetition reinforces the message, the action, the thought. 

repetition in thought

Your thoughts reflect your reality. You may have heard that phrase before but it’s a powerful one. Once I learned of this phenomenon and saw it with my own eyes, I became conscious of my thoughts and what I would subconsciously repeat to myself. The self-talk is real and oh man it’s powerful. 

Just as you were able to get into the habit of repeating negative or limiting views about yourself or your life, you can do the same by rewiring your mind to think and believe positive thoughts. Repetition reinforces the message, the action, the thought. 

I challenge you to write down these 3 affirmations into your reminders on your phone.

  1. I am love
  2. I am worthy 
  3. I am grateful for the abundance in my life

Set it on a daily repeat, it will honestly take less than a minute to do but it is worth the reminder. 
And when you do read it, remember to take some deep breathes in. Speaking of deep breathing, meditation is observing the repeated deep breathes. 

flip the switch on repetition

Sometimes, patterns and repetition can get well…repetitive for lack of a better word. We can get comfortable when becomes second nature, which is not a bad thing, but for us to elevate we have to continue to challenge ourselves. Use your current skills to improve future ones. 

So, I ask you & challenge you, when is the last time you did something for the first time?

Maybe it’s time to learn something new or do it differently…

A new way to think, a new way to make money, a new recipe, a new workout routine, a new way to study, a new language, a new music genre, or even a new game. 

Changing it up and challenging yourself will enable your mind to activate different ways of thinking that can ultimately change your life. It will allow you to be fully present and you’re learning a new skill.  Knowledge is power, remember. 

It’s Mental Health Awareness month. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed please know you are not alone in this.

Speaking to someone can be helpful in dealing with how you’re doing. I’m here to listen if you want to share, but I have also listed professional Services within Australia and globally.

You are worthy and deserving of living with peace of mind. 

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