learning about you.

Hello, if you’re reading this then you are on a path of self-development. It’s a good one, just keep the faith in yourself.

I have never been one to openly expressive about myself but writing allowed me to learn about myself in ways I did not know. It was only when I was looking back on my writing that I found myself to be really self-critical. Did I really write that? Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I would say something like that and in those moments I had a glimpse of self-realization.

It may be cliche but this is my story and I’m here to tell it in an open and safe place so please read on if it interests you.

During your journey of self-development it is important you understand early that its a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient and kind to yourself because it may be a long road but it will for sure be worth it. Let me ask you something, how many times have you been in a situation where you knew you could be better but you are overwhelmed by emotions that override your motion and disrupt your progress? Sometimes this can last an hour, a day even years. I have definately experienced this and its sometimes not so easy to move on from. The key is to trust in yourself, that that you will overcome any hurdle and, I mean even one that’s as tall as a mountain, will give you a confidence in yourself that’s just different. Knowing you got yourself is the journey. And you learn this through experience.

Self-development comes in all different forms. It’s something that you will have to look inwards to understand on a deeper level. I’m here to guide you through any of life’s difficulties and successes, I’m no guru or professional (yet) but something told me that telling my story through self-development may help others and that’s all I want.

So, welcome to my space, it’s nice of you to stop by 🙂

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