how to tap into your creativity

I want to begin by saying that yes I know that not everyone is going to relate to this topic because you think you’re not creative but you most certainly are. Some may think, being creative should just be left for the kids. And maybe you’re right but that shouldn’t mean you can’t be creative as an adult. In fact, that’s going to be a big part of tapping into your creativity. Its always been there, sometimes it just needs some attention. 

Creativity and inspiration are two sides of the same coin. When you feel inspired you think differently, in a creative way. 

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” —Maya Angelou

Get ready for some fool proof ideas to get your creativity juices flowing again:

  1. Your inner child wants to come out and play
    You don’t realise it until you do some inner child healing, just what made you love life so much. It’s usually a simple act like dancing, listening to music, gaming, drawing/colouring, playing sport/outside. Tune in, or ask your parents/guardian or family member to see if they remember what you used to enjoy as a kid.

  2. Do something out of your norm
    It doesn’t have to be something crazy like jumping out of a train but join that pottery class you been talking about, do a salsa night and if you’re of age, paint and wine classes are a tonne of fun. It could even be a bunch of friends coming together and painting to Bob Ross. Or, spend the afternoon going through some old records and listen to the sounds that are familiar to you. Play around with a new hair style. The key here is to try something new and become inspired. 

  3.  Get active (even in a pandemic)
    Wear appropriate attire, mask included, and take your butt on a hike or a new trail. Letting your body loose in physical activity sets off our favourite hormone dopamine. When you feel good, you feel more inspired and think creatively too. You may also be tired but have some protein, you’ll be sweet soon.

You might have tried some of these and thought, huh, nope this didn’t work for me, I don’t see the point. Well I tell you what, next time you decide to actually attend that salsa class or chill out and spend hours listening to music I want you do something: set an intention before hand. Give yourself a moment to say, I allow myself to live creatively. And then just be present, you’ll be inspired for sure. It will change your perception because as soon as you tell the universe something it will happen.

Creativity isn’t just for those who feel a stronger connection to art, music, dance, or writing. It can be allowing your mind to think creatively or to see a situation in a different way. Your mindset is a major player in how creative you can be. 

I remember in my final year of high school, we had a motivational speaker come to us. He spoke mainly of the power of our minds. Towards the end of the session, he asked everyone to think of something completely outrageous as a career and write it down. I wrote, become an Olympic gold medalist. Not specific to any sport by the way, just to have a gold medal, guess it was a little outrageous. The point being, and I quote, “it doesn’t matter if you don’t attain this ‘outrageous’ career, but I’ve done something for you that you can never turn back from”. Confused, we all waited in silence. He continued, “I have broken the walls of your creative mind to be anything you want in life, sorry you can’t go back now”. 

It took some time to realise the magnitude of what he meant, but it definitely felt like the above image. All we had to do was create it in our minds by letting our ideas flow. Your mind is powerful, never underestimate it. Once you break the barriers of limited thoughts and allow for expansion, you’ll see creativity and inspiration everywhere because its already within you. 

I hope you have an exciting week ahead, challenging yourself to do better and see the world through a different perspective. Till next time.


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