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Balance is the ebbs and flows in life. We sometimes don’t realize its significance until we feel off or imbalanced in any area of our life. This has been one of my favourite aspects of self-development. Because for someone like me, I’m usually either completely on one side or the other, it can be very hard for me to find balance sometimes.  That is why it is an interest of mine to improve on and maintain a balanced life.
Life is a balance of holding on and letting go – Rumi 
To find balance means you are able to recognize if you are spreading yourself thin in some areas of your life but lacking in others and knowing how to realign and rebalance your state. It is about practice and patience, you learn what tilts you off balance with experience.  Sometimes it’s having a sweet treat after working your butt off at the gym and/or work all week, or making time to really connect with friends and family. It means listening to a playlist when you were younger to feel nostalgic after being a social adult or being playful with your partner after dealing with a stressful situation. They will be different for everybody and the ideas will come to you, so pay attention. 
A way I like to describe balance is finding the bliss point between different areas in your life. It is an art, something which you will want to work on daily to remain in a steady state. Remember this is something that will be unique for everyone. Know yourself, learn about yourself and this will come easier for you. Make a mental note of it or even journal about it. Knowing yourself and your boundaries will strengthen with every decision you make. 
But sometimes, it’s not that easy. Life is unpredictable and it will throw you so many different situations. It is how you react to it that you have control over. 
How to find your balance, even if you’re in the midst of chaos or troubled times.  
If you are experiencing troubling times right now and it’s not completely obvious what’s the cause, then this is important to identify.
Once you have, take a moment and sit with yourself.
Do some deep breathing or meditate,
and practice gratitude. 
Even if it seems minuscular, it can make a huge difference to your energy. 
Try to reflect on what’s causing the imbalance/s. Asking questions as such can help bring your balance. Like, is it personally affecting you or is it affecting a particular aspect of your life? Can you draw back from the situation? Do you need alone time to recharge? 
Learn to identify the causes of this imbalance as early on as possible because it is easy to fall into the quicksand of negative thoughts. It can be as subtle as waking up one morning and a simple accident like bumping the corner of your pinky toe can begin the domino effect of a ‘bad luck’ day. One of those days turns into one of those weeks and you find yourself drowning in negativity. This can be worse for some than others but it is important to recognize. 
Use this moment to give yourself the opportunity to reset thought patterns about what is happening to you or around you. 
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ways to improve balance
Ideally, you want all aspects of your life, from family, health, career, friends, self to be in balance. This is hard, AF, I’m not going to lie. But trying it half the battle and I’m proud of you for doing so. 
It’s somewhat difficult to be fully present in other aspects of your life if you’re not in a place of self-balance. It’s learning about shifting the weight and the amount of time and effort spent with yourself and then in other areas of your life. 
This is something I am still mastering myself, I’ve experienced being in a state of imbalance in different areas, sometimes I’m reminded of it and I try to do better. But it isn’t something you want to punish yourself for. It’s a learning experience to check in with yourself and see why you feel that way or how your actions have affected others.
Here are some ways I’ve learned to find balance in my life.

Balance your body 

it does wonders for the body and mind. It allows you to recenter and connect with self and there’s a plethora of scientific evidence that supports this (find here).
music saved my life (honestly). playing your favourite songs and expressing in ways of car karaoke or through dance helps me let loose to reconnect.
Food & Water 
undeniably, health is crucial in keeping you balanced. Keep your insides happy and hydrated. Are you drinking enough water? Grab a glass/bottle and take a few sips.

Balance your mind

it can really help improve your inner peace and well being when you can slow down and be present, especially in times of chaos
this is a huge factor in finding balance in your life. You can use this tool in many areas but I can’t stress it enough that you need to prioritize yourself more if you’re not already. 
Journaling, checking in with yourself
by doing this, even if its occasionally, you have a chance, to be honest with yourself and see where you may want to improve or continue to grow. 
listening and repeating affirmations can significantly improve your perspective when situations arise. If you practice this daily, your outlook on life will certainly change. 
I share these activities with you because they have helped me create a better balance between myself and aspects of my world. I hope it can make a difference for you too. Share in the comments if they have, I’d love to hear from you! 

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