feeling overwhelmed?

This seems to be a recurring feeling for me and many. Besides the fact that we are amid a pandemic (which is overwhelming in itself), there are some ways you can reduce this feeling.
First of all, breathe, take a deep breath in and out (go slow). Do a few more, I’m not going anywhere. Now, try to find a quiet place for a moment, preferably outside. Take another deep breath in and out and remind yourself of the following:

I am okay
It is good to take a break
I am a badass bish and, this feeling will not take me down
It is going to be okay
deep breath, in and out again.. 

It can be hard to navigate through feelings sometimes. Releasing the tension by deep breathing will give you a moment to stop and focus only on the breath. To be fully present will help give you some clarity too. 

When we feel overwhelmed, it usually has something to do with boundaries. We accept a lot on our plates when we sometimes don’t know how to say ‘no’. Or when we say to ourselves that we can handle it. Sure, I don’t doubt that we can but, should we? I can guarantee you, whoever is reading this has already a tonne on their plate to deal with. Even the little things add up. So when someone says to you next time, “Hey, think you can do XYZ for me, please?” I really would appreciate it”, and you know your to-do list is stretching your limits already and you say y e s (confidently, of course), this is disrespecting your boundary of not knowing when to say no when you really need to. Learning your boundaries comes with experience and patience. But one way or another you will get the chance to say no and you will be heard! This will be a liberating feeling.

I know in a lot of situations, it is out of our hands. It could be your workload, family issues, the housework piling up, a job that isn’t satisfying or no job at all. It can sometimes be a crowded grocery store that can tip us over the edge. This is why I want to share with you strategies that help give you back your power. 

  1. Meditate (this is a long term solution-based approach to reclaiming your power).

    Boundaries are important, but so is your mind. It is the most significant reason why you are feeling overwhelmed and, it’s one of your only solutions too

  2. Prioritizing and organization

    Not only will you have everything out of your mind and onto paper, but you can also visualize the level of priority each tasks needs

  3. Seeking professional help

    This is super important. There is no shame in seeking professional help. Sometimes, it will take more than deep breathing to help take the weight off your shoulders. If you notice you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed more than usual, I would highly recommend looking at the services page. 

You will get through this. Remember you are a being of light, you shine so bright. 

A little back story.

The idea of boundaries was not a topic of conversation growing up. I did not fully comprehend the extent of my boundaries, and if you knew me before, you would know me as a pushover. It’s not like I didn’t get the lecture about standing up for myself and avoiding showing people you were weak. I knew all the things I had to do to stand up for myself (even some self-defense) yet, my voice was always so quiet. ~Epiphany~ Was I silent? Or was I silenced? (insert Oprah meme). I didn’t want to be a nuisance to others but, on another level, I believed that doing so much for others meant they would like me. Either I let that shit go and, other people thought it should have bothered me or, I was naive and needed it to be said. I was such a pushover I let people tell me who I was before I could decide for myself. But, it was only up to me to say something and defend myself. I had to make a choice and, it had to be for me. After I learnt my beautiful voice, I’ve been defending myself like Jon defending The Wall.  

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