claim your path.

You know what we have to start doing? Individually, we need to start to fully claim our path and get a little possessive with it. Like, this is my mf path, get back over there and worry about your own. It is a liberating feeling when you can be content in the understanding that my path may be whirly, straight, take a couple U-turns but, it is mine. Taking that feeling back or even realizing it for the first time will completely change your life. I know it did for me. 

I don’t think we realize each of our potential as who we are. But, it is okay to be passionate about your path, even when we take the wrong exit, we eventually get back on track or at least take a detour (which evidently would be your true path anyway). Claiming your path will give you a sense of assertion that is a remarkable feeling. As grim as it may seem, we are all we have. There are a plethora of stories where a person would be completely alone and are experiencing extreme life struggles but would find their strength to overcome it by themselves.  Don’t get me wrong,  a strong support system is appreciated, more than you can express sometimes. However, having confidence in yourself and in your path is something you have to do for yourself.

By claiming your path, you will notice the small details make up the bigger picture. Because it is with this accountability and strength that you can identify your weaknesses and downfalls. Taking the time to understand yourself and become more assertive about your path during this lifetime is the journey, in my perspective. You know you deserve an abundance in life, so claim it. Claim your path, claim your abundance, claim your journey. Claim your path in this present moment. You are everything that you are up until this second. And you are everything that will be.  

This is where I’m going to use my favorite phrase, living in the present is a beautiful gift. But it is a gift you can only give yourself. You’re the only one to inhale and exhale yourself back to the present. 


Until next time…

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