Established in 1993

aka Lura, Lora or Lulu

She is a first-generation Jordanian Australian woman living and growing with life. She produced this blog to provide life perspectives and experiences through her eyes in hopes that it can help someone. So, thank you for being here and welcome, ahlan o sahlan, bonjour, salut, ¿Qué tal?

Her parents migrated to Australia almost 30 years ago in search of a better life for their growing family. Her parents were raised Christian in a predominately Muslim country and whilst there was minimal animosity between the religions, they fled the motherland to give their children a life they never had. Notwithstanding, they retained much of the culture and traditions when settling in Australia, they still wanted their children to determine their own life path and give them an aptitude of opportunities rather than one premediated by the family or community.

As she grew up within a third culture of a very laid back and accepting culture of Australia and a more traditional, strict and conservative Jordanian culture. Her experiences were unique and gave navigating through life a whole different meaning. She learnt self-expression through writing and art, leading us to this blog.

Disclaimer: This is an advice blog only. If you are seeking professional help or advice, please see the Services page.


To bring the discovery of self-development to you from the experiences of a young woman on her own self-development journey


To help people visualize the life they want to live on this beautiful planet Earth through healing and self-realization.