8 ways to improve your self love-care-worth

with improvement comes challenges and change, are you ready?

Hello, you magical being, 

You are a wonderfully complex being experiencing this life on earth with the 7.8x billion rest of us. But, here’s a revelation if you didn’t know already…

Not one soul on this earth is like you. Not your siblings, not your kids, nor your friends.

And I kinda have to say, how amazing is that? No one can be the real you and you can’t truly be somebody else.

So, if there is no one like you embracing your uniqueness should be celebrated right?

Well, I hate to say it but there are people who spend their whole lives making you think otherwise. They put you down and ridicule you for your individuality.  What we’ve been taught as ‘normal’ most likely had been manipulated to make us believe one thing when in fact it’s a fabrication of the truth.

That is why sometimes it’s hard to love and care for yourself because if you don’t ‘fit’ into this tiny, ridiculous box of expectations then apparently you’re deemed unworthy.

Kindly ignore that bullshit (I know I had to)

You are worthy of embracing yourself. Taking the path of self-love, self-care, and realizing your self-worth is fundamental to your personal journey. 

Let’s begin


Loving thy self is the ultimate journey within your personal journey. Let me be real with you, there is no way that you will love yourself 100% of the time. But, learning to reach a point of #unconditionalselflove can be one of the most liberating feelings you’ll experience. 

In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.

– Andrea Dykstra

Ways to improve self-love could look like:

  1. trusting yourself
  2. choosing to prioritize your happiness
  3. knowing your path is unique and it’s okay to not have it all figured out yet
  4. being your own best friend and critic
  5. forgiving yourself
  6. giving gratitude 
  7. taking care of your body but knowing your body does not define you
  8. knowing that your self-opinion is the only one that ultimately matters, others do not define you


Self-care is taking the opportunity to care for your well-being. Everyone will have different techniques on how they prefer to care for themselves. A few that I like to do are listed below, but it is also about recognizing when it’s time for a little TLC.

Sometimes we care for others so much, we often forget about our own needs until we’re completely depleted. When you lack self-care, you can also inhibit your strength and ability to care for others too.  

Rest and self care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.

– Eleanor Brownn

Self-care might look like this:

  1. taking time to listen to your mind and body
  2. setting boundaries, being clear about them, and then stand by them
  3. seeking a professional therapist, found here: Services
  4. take mental health; day, hour, or minute/s (even if it’s just to deep breathe)
  5. moving your body 
  6. cleaning your environment 
  7. saying “no” without apologizing or justifying
  8. pampering your body


You are worthy, and so am I.
Self-worth is realizing you are deserving of the abundance that this life has to offer. It is living life with the self-confidence that no matter what happens to you, you know yourself and what you deserve. 

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Self-worth can be like this:

  1. standing up for yourself and others 
  2. being kinder to yourself, especially through fear and failure
  3. recognizing self-worth as a basic human need to flourish into your full potential
  4. learning your values and staying true to them
  5. accepting yourself fully and completely
  6. accepting that you are worthy of all that you desire 
  7. reminding yourself that, “I am worthy” daily
  8. speaking your soul truth

You can’t find this in anyone else but yourself. That’s why it all begins with self. Enjoy this journey, it is special to love yourself, know yourself, and care for yourself so that you can continue to bloom into all that you are. 

The world will continue to tell you that who you are is not good enough…

Don’t listen to them.

They will tell you that you’re wrong for liking or loving somebody who doesn’t fit their ideals…

Don’t listen to them. 

They will make you believe that you are small and insignificant when in reality you ARE powerful beyond your measure. Tap in, but…

Don’t listen to them. 

Easier said than done? Maybe, but it is worth standing up for yourself to see otherwise. 

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